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Product - Alat Bekam dan Acc - Alat Bekam Shaferule 12
Qty :
Nama : Alat Bekam Shaferule 12
Kategori : Alat Bekam dan Acc
Harga : Rp. Hub.ung.i k.ita,-
Keterangan :  
Produk detail
  • Produk Chinese Medicine Apparatus
  • Tipe Cupping Cup
  • Merek Shaferule
  • Model Number SE1*12
  • Made in China
  • Warna Transparan
  • Quantity 12Cups
  • Material PC
  • Sertifikat CE ISO9001 FDA ISO13485
  • Spesifikasi Cups with different sizes
  • Accessori Vacuum gun
  • Treatment Physical therapy
  • Advantage Easy to take and operate
  • Special Cups with different size
  • The features of the products
    1. There is no need to use the Fire with the Negative pressure cupping,which is convenient to operate and reasonable in price.there is the magnet needle inside the cups to enhance the medical treatment.
    2. Flexible and Transparent:the cups are transparent to observe the treatment area,and the negative pressure can be adjusted steadily.
    3. Security Seal:the cups,smooth and mellowness, are in circular arc and have a large contact area with the skin.the gas tightness is fine to avoid falling off,with the complete and fine size,it is fit for each part of the human body.
    4. Convenient: It is safe without the fire and electricity and easy to take and learn.
    5. Cups Design:inner-round and outside-wide,more considerate and comfortable.
    6. Fine leakproofness : Strict in sorting ,process and assembling flow,the quality is guaranteed.
    Aplikasi kesehatan

    The cupping kits changed the dispelling air by fire to air exhaust by vacuum,allowing the cupping device sucked on the surface acupoints of the body cause local congestion,promote free passage in human channels and collaterals,eliminate windevil and wetness evil,expel coldnessevil,cure disease and have an effect on treatment healthcare and strengthening human body,the product may be used in clinical treatment and household self-healthcare setting.

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